Most of our contract bailing is done in straw and we have had a good run out of Groundhog pickup tines on our large square Massey balers. We operate in some fairly rocky conditions and the poly pickup bands will save us time straightening our steel pickup bands.

Daryl Bishop, Riverland Agricultural Contractors - York WA

We have run Groundhog pickup tines on our Massey Balers for the last two years and have been happy with the price, quality and service. We tried the poly pickup bands and reckon they are a good thing.

Chris Browne, Kambra Springs Hay - Wongan Hills WA

For the last two years I have used Groundhog large square baler and hay rakes pickup tines and I am happy with the durability and value for money. We have also used the poly pickup bands on our Massey Baler and think they are an innovative product.

Hamish Murray, Big Bale Co - Woodanilling WA
stuart faulkner

Since 2012 we have been using Groundhog quick change points. We've been impressed with the design, durability & cost savings.

Stuart Faulkner, Beacon, WA

We have sandy loam and when it’s dry I find Groundhog points perform really well. When it’s time to change points, what was a half day job, now takes an hour.

Damien Maddock, Mukinbudin, WA
rod shaddick

I had previously used stainless tubing and plastic boots to deliver fertilizer at ground level but experienced excessive damage. Since changing to Groundhog boots I've not had any damage to the nylon tubing at ground level as it is now well protected by the cast boot.

Rod Shaddick, Pingelly, WA


Quick change points helped speed up downtime especially at night or in the rain. Best of all because the liquid tube is separate from the point it stays where it should be during point changes.

Stuart Hocking, - 'Glendavale’ Boxwood Hill WA

Dry sowing is now becoming almost standard practice in the wheat belt and will undoubtedly wear points more quickly. Choosing the most durable products for the job will save you time and money.

Tim Nixon - 'Border Reivers' New Norcia