Servicing your Groundhog parts


The cast fertiliser boot has been designed to place product deeper in and under the seed and therefore comes into contact with the soil. It is possible to hard face the side walls of the boot to prolong wear life.

For assembly of boot to older, powder coated, granular fertiliser tube, silicone can be applied to the join to prevent moisture penetration.


As this is only installed using one bolt it is essential to use a new spring washer or nyloc nut to attach the holder to the seed tube bracket. The use of a wear shoe holder chain is also advised.

For installation of a new wear shoe to holder it is advisable to do so in a vice and not on the machine. Replacement of roll pins requires a solid platform.


Always take knife point out of the holder at the end of the season and give knife holder a tap with a hammer to remove any excess dirt or clay. Although the knife point is tapered this will reduce the build up of material inside the holder and make extraction easier.

Always install knife holder using anti seize on the thread of all bolts to make it easier to remove.

New bolts are recommended for first time installation. Worn bolt heads can turn inside the hex head housing on tightening and over time bolts can stretch from over tightening and become brittle.

When inserting split pin, only bend tips of pin for easy removal. To save time remove pins using side cutters or a hammer to shear off pin. Replace with a new pin.