Knife & Holder

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Change knife points by removing only a split pin, meaning no more lost skin loosening bolts. Split pins can be easily removed by hitting the retaining pin with a hammer (on the split pin side) thereby shearing off the split pin.The quick change knife is manufactured from cast steel for superior strength and the ability to stand up to rocky country without snapping. Knife points are available in 6”, 7” and 8” lengths.

Bolt heads are counter sunk in holder to cater for tapered knife head. The knife point has a tapered head for easy discharge when it is due to be replaced.

The knife blade is tapered to increase wear life, 12mm at the front and 18mm at rear. Both point and holder are low profile allowing minimal soil throw, good trash handling.

The knife holder takes the brunt of the load in combination with the load pad at the rear of the knife. And the Knife holder employs the same length bolts as standard points.

Groundhog Industries use the highest grade of carbide available and this is applied using induction welding, with proven results for wear and shock loads.

Knife Holder (item 11)

Knife Holder (item 11)

Knife: 8

Knife: 6″ (ITEM B32) 7″ (ITEM B31), 8″ (ITEM B30), 9″ (ITEM B29)