Suppliers of Precision Fertiliser & Seeding Parts

Why choose Groundhog Industries?

Groundhog Industries designed the PFS system to achieve the following goals:

Reduce Downtime

This is achieved by using a quick change, cast steel, knife point, a deep banding liquid / granular boot free from stainless tubing and a closer plate with replaceable wear shoe.

Reduce Replacement Costs

Through innovative design Groundhog Products are better value per hectare than our competitors.

Provide More Effective Product Delivery

By replacing expensive stainless steel tubing with a plastic tube for liquid fertiliser delivery to ground level – No more bent / blocked tubes fertiliser tubes. The plastic fertiliser tube is protected inside the cast boot.

A cast steel, liquid / granular fertiliser boot enables better placement of granular fertiliser below the seed due to steel side walls providing a wear resistant shield from the flowing soil.

Longer Lasting Wear Resistant Products

By using the highest grade of tungsten carbide available as well as state of the art application processes, all Groundhog products have been designed to offer maximum protection from wear.


NadiaWe are focused on giving the farmer a well-designed, affordable and reliable product. When a farmer tells us that our points were quick to change or that our fertiliser boots delivered an exceptional result, we know we are doing our job well.

Word of mouth is everything and our customers getting the most from our products is our main priority.